Bowen Christian Outreach Centre

Welcome to the Bowen Christian Outreach Centre

Bowen Christian Outreach Centre is a family orientated church with an amazing worship team and inspirational spirited services. It is a ‘Friendly Place to Be”.

We welcome you to attend our services or visit the church and have a friendly meeting with our Pastors Phillip and Gwen Watego. Our services commence with worship singing and music and in the morning service we have communion with a communion message delivered by varying members. Visitors and members from all over Australia attend the services.

The Centre also incorporates the Hibiscus Family Centre where you are welcome to attend for fellowship with a coffee. There is a gallery of paintings and mosaics to view. Outside in the undercover area there is large mural (12 metres long x 2.4 metres high) that has been painted by members. You are welcome to have a photo taken standing alongside the mural. You will have to pick your favourite section to stand alongside unless you have wide focus lens on your camera.

Take a walk in the garden and view the colourful hibiscus in bloom. There are many vibrant colours in the blooms. The mango tree provides a cool place to sit and relax and during mango season enjoy a mango.


We thank you for viewing our website and please contact Pastors Phillip and Gwen for further information or pastoral care services.

Pastors Phillip and Gwen

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